Anti-Spam Policy

LeadSparrow is dedicated to preventing unsolicited commercial advertisement email, or spam, from being sent through our network. Emails sent through the LeadSparrow system must be permission-based.

What is Spam?

Spam is any commercial advertisement email that is send without the permission of the intended recipient. US laws place restrictions around the sending of spam, and other countries (including Canada) have banned certain types of unsolicited email.

User Requirements

As a User of LeadSparrow, you agree not to send unsolicited email via our system. If requested, you agree to provide us with information regarding the source of any contacts uploaded into LeadSparrow. This information includes the sign-up method used as well as other details surrounding the opt-in process or transaction such as date and time of opt-in, the source IP address, and web address or physical location of opt-in. You also agree not to send email via our system that violates any law, statute, ordinance or regulation governing communication practices, including but not limited to the laws and regulations governing export control, unfair competition, false advertising, consumer protection, issuance or sale of securities, pornography, obscenity, trade in firearms, SPAM, privacy, private or public data transfer and telecommunications. You agree that you will not send to lists obtained through purchase, email append, harvesting, or any other method that does not obtain explicit permission from the recipient. You must have an unsubscribe link with every email sent. This is to comply with our terms and email sending laws. If not found one, LeadSparrow automatically place an unsubscribe link in your emails to ensure you do not violate email sending laws. We retain the right to review the source and contents of any list of contacts to confirm adherence to these policies, as well as applicable laws.

Customers who are found to be in violation of these policies or applicable laws may be subject to actions including, but not limited to, account termination

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Last Updated:June 25, 2016