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10 Ways Email Marketing Benefits Small Businesses
February 9, 2017

With the mind-boggling leap forward of social media, search engine and mobile marketing, email marketing for small businesses is also headed to mark its importance in the digital realm. Email marketing is fit as a fiddle, and it is seemingly the most profitable method for marketing.

Here’s the reason: Email marketing provides more opportunities to small businesses and drives excellent and measurable return on investment. With email marketing, small businesses can make deeper relationships with a wide range of audience on a small budget.

Today we are discussing top 10 benefits of email marketing that will help you understand the importance of email marketing for small businesses.

1. Increases Brand Awareness

With every email sent, customers are presented to your business and your brand. With vital strategy, keen design and targeted content, your business will reliably build value. In doing as such, you remain top-of-mind with your audience. At that point, when a customer needs items or services, your business stands a much improved shot of converting those leads into customers and customers into loyal customers.

2. Enhances ROI

In the business world, results are ostensibly the only thing that is important. On account of this, the fundamental reason that most small businesses should invest into email marketing is the outstanding return on investment. Email marketing helps small businesses to quickly measure the results of an email marketing campaign and see what ROI it has brought to the business.

3. Enables Targeted Marketing

Email marketing is one of the main channels that small businesses opt to reach out a wide range of customers. The greater part of small businesses opt for email marketing platforms just to sends emails to the individuals who have subscribed to them.

However, this can take into account much higher conversion rates as a business is just focusing on the individuals who as of now have an interest in their services and products. It is, obviously, conceivable to send spontaneous email marketing messages, however this is just liable to disturb buyers and result in a negative brand image.


Hence, in order to make email marketing for small businesses effective, it is advised to maintain a monthly content calendar that will help to keep a track of what and how your brand will make offers to the consumers.

4. Ensures Quick Delivery

Because of the quickness or immediacy of email, a small business can begin seeing positive results within minutes of its messages being sent. A 24-hour sale is a splendid marketing ploy that can be used by email, as it makes a feeling of earnestness and persuades subscribers to make prompt action.

Small businesses commonly need to hold up weeks until they see sales come in by means of print or broadcast campaigns and still, at the end of the day, how might they make sure what was the reason of the purchase? Whereas, email marketing for small businesses is a way which lets them quickly send their promotional message to a huge number of individuals and see measurable results in a short time period.

5. Facilitates Impulse Buying

Email marketing for small businesses is extraordinary for exploiting impulsive buying. There are not numerous other marketing platforms which allow customers to go straight from seeing an offer to buying an item within a couple of clicks. An enticing Call-to-Action and a direct link to the checkout not only make the process of purchasing for the customers easy, but also it helps small businesses to drive sales like no other channel.

6. Helps Target Mobile Consumers

With the increasing number of mobile devices, more than 53% of individuals open their emails on smartphones and tablets. It simply implies that clients are checking email and shopping on the web at whatever time it’s convenient. As a small business, you have the chance to make emails for the mobile experience and target individuals at whatever point they check their inbox.


Email marketing for small businesses is no longer considered as “junk,” and it is unquestionably not “spam,” it is basically limited time content your subscribers are expecting in their inbox. On the off chance that you have not picked email marketing services for your small business yet, it is an ideal opportunity to begin making an innovative and impactful email marketing program.

7. Offers Deep Analytics

Another key advantage of email marketing is that it is easy and simple to see where you are turning out wrong. Email marketing software will permit you to track open rate, click through rate and conversion rates, making it easy to spot how an email marketing campaign can be improved for better results.

These progressions can be made very quickly as well, while print or conventional broadcast marketing requires a considerable amount of time to make alterations.

8. Allows Segmentation

Many small businesses invest in email marketing to guarantee that they are spending money to target the individuals who are keen in their brand. Hence, email marketing for small businesses goes above and beyond by just sending emails to subscribers who meet certain criteria.

If your brand has an offer in a specific region or country, it can without much of a stretch arrange emails to be sent just to those living in specific regions. For example; if there is a deal on gadgets or smart devices, an email can be arranged only for the individuals who have shown an interest for smart devices.


Email list segmentation works phenomenally for brands that pick up information about their subscribers. Segmentation is a smart move for small businesses to see improved return on investment.

9. Extends Global Reach

Does any other platform let you instantly make an impression on a huge number of individuals over the world? Without a doubt, social media can help you spread the words among a worldwide audience – however, there’s no clue who is really perusing your content. But email marketing for small businesses enables to get personal with every customer, and with the help of segmentation, they can also target a specific group of audience in a specific location.

Email marketing simply help small businesses to reach out a wide range of audience in different parts of the globe having common interest and make offers which interests them.

10. Sanctions Easy Sharing

Subscribers can forward splendid deals and offers to their contacts with just a single click. There aren’t many different types of marketing that can be shared as effortlessly as an email. Before you know it, subscribers could get to be brand evangelists; focused around acquainting your business with another market.

When you include tempting CTAs and limited time discount offers in your marketing emails, subscribers are likely to take your desired action and also share your email (containing deals, news and offers) in their circle so that their contacts could also have a look at your offerings. Along these lines, when a subscriber shares an email with friends, your brand acquires introduction and


As a small business owner, you need to utilize your email marketing efforts as an instrument to screen which information your buyers are most receptive to. From that point, you can additionally focus on your marketing technique towards more fruitful campaigns and targeting according to interests.

When you consider the points made above, it’s easy to understand how email marketing can be beneficial for your small business. Perhaps, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to begin considering this marketing stage to promote your services and products.

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