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5 Things that are Killing your Email Campaigns: How to Fix Them?
March 13, 2017

In my professional experience as a marketer, I came across many factors which affects or turn out as a great advantage for email marketing. At LeadSparrow, my team keeps on testing and analyzing what works best and what simply doesn’t and one thing that we encountered – which is being ignored by many businesses – is the no-reply email address.

Regardless of numerous organizations sending newsletters and autoresponders from, we simply need to discuss here: sending from a no-reply email address basically seems to be uncaring to subscribers and may even be terrible for delivery rates in the long term.

Today as we’ll talk about no-reply and other four factors which adversely affects your email marketing campaigns, the issue here is not only an emotional one – there are other strong reasons behind making yourself accessible by means of email and saving yourself from making genuine mistakes which kills your email marketing campaigns.

1. No-Reply Email Address

A no-reply email address not only hurts subscribers’ feelings, but also takes out a chunk of conversion rate. Likewise engagement has always been an essential measure of subscribers’ enthusiasm for senders, yet internet service providers are beginning to make huge investments in research, in-house spam channels and third-party software to assist measure subscribers’ engagement to better decide suitable folder arrangement, (such as primary, social and promotions’ folder in Gmail) because inactive subscribers will affect your marketing endeavors.

How to Fix it?

Second to showing regard, giving an email address that is connected to a genuine live inbox additionally shows that you’re open for business. Without a doubt, putting an email address out there may draw attention of readers, yet chances are that they will likewise interact and provide useful feedback, such as:

“I truly enjoyed most of your recent emails. Can you furnish us with a quote for web template?”

“Your latest newsletter was really helpful for my startup. Can you link me up with one of your experts who can guide me on how I can create my marketing strategy?”

“Let me know your opening hours, I would love to visit sometime.”

This is the behavior that email senders should encourage, particularly if they don’t have real-world presence. It’s not simply being decent – feedback and replies are a profitable source of communication.

As a marketer, you need to consider that each email you send should to be viewed as a chance to increase engagement with your customers. Inform them that they can interact with you via questions, comments and so forth.

Sending from a no-reply email address can likewise influence not only customer relationships, but rather sender’s reputation with Gmail and others. For a few people, filtering through replies may appear like a repetitive task, yet for the marketers, it’s an awesome chance to increase email delivery rates and provide good customer services – which are both imperative targets in any email marketing strategy.

2. Mixing Up Ads with Email Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make which affects email marketing campaigns is sending out advertising emails which seems like sales pitch to the individuals who have not opted into their email marketing list. At LeadSparrow, we have analyzed the data and found out that recipients simply delete the email or move it to the spam folder if they found that the newsletter is sent from a company which they never heard about or never opted for its newsletters.



How to Fix it?

The reason businesses fail to clearly communicate that an email is an advertisement rather a sales pitch is a deceptive subject line, and if individuals haven’t expressly asked to be on your list through an online subscription form or some other authorization process, don’t send them your email marketing campaigns’ content without clearly uncovering your message is an advertisement.

The law gives adaptability by the way you do it, so you don’t need to make your advertisement look like a sales offer. Try to create a clear subject line and keep your email content to the point. However, you can provide a CTA in your advertisement email through which recipients can willingly subscribe to your newsletters.

3. Furnishing all Subscribers with the Same Offer

The one fits all email philosophy barely ever flies. Being a marketer you need to understand that the individuals in your email marketing list are having diverse needs. When you send out newsletter containing an offer which is irrelevant to half of your subscribers and doesn’t meet their needs, they take a few seconds to close it and never open it again.

For example, if you are running an ecommerce store and the objective of your email marketing campaign is to drive traffic and sales for women’s clothing items, sending out newsletter to male subscribers won’t give you desirable results.

How to Fix it?

In order to make your email marketing campaigns successful and acquire desirable results, you need to use segmentation and customize the emails to meet the needs of recipients better. For instance, you can create various segments based on the difference of gender, age, region, country, occasions etc. it will help you to serve your subscribers better with your offerings.

4. Stuffing Your Email Template with a lot of Features

Adding a good number of elements to your email can be beneficial, but to some extent. For example; adding two or more CTAs to your email or offering multiple products in a single newsletter is good to show off your products and entice people to buy them, but at the same time it can be annoying and distracting for the people to make a purchase decision. Adding too many elements or features are one of the bad practices of email marketing as it makes the newsletter look cluttery and confuses the recipients.

How to Fix it?

When you build your email marketing strategy, your each email is designed with a specific purpose to help you achieve your desired objective. Therefore, you need to include those essential features to your email that will add value to your email campaigns and help subscribers to take your desired action. For example; placing a single CTA in a short and concise newsletter assist customers to make a quick purchase decision as it removes ambiguity and give a clear picture to the customer of what they need to do.

5. Sending Emails Without Testing

How does your email look when your prospects or clients get them? Does the plan look the way it should (on all screen sizes and appear perfectly on Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook, expecting you’ve utilized a responsive design)? Is the sender correct? Does every one of the links work properly? Do you have any errors in the content body?

These are all things you have to double check before sending your emails to subscribers. If your emails don’t appear fine on your recipient’s device, he/she might hit the delete button and never take a look at your email again. Many small businesses ignore testing in the first place which becomes a major cause of email marketing failure.


How to Fix it?

With a specific end goal to encourage your subscribers to open and interact with your emails, you need to send test emails. Similarly, make sure to double check, even triple check your subscriber list before hitting send. You need to see the cross-browser and device compatibility as well to remove further chances of any mistake.

To wrap it up, email marketing has proved itself a capably compelling approach to create new business and protecting existing clients from going astray. In any case, you must be cautious by the way you plan your email marketing strategy. The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that sets the rules for business email—and it spells the intense penalties for abusing those rules. So if an email you’re sending has a business reason, it must agree to the rules of CAN-SPAM.

Obviously, there are some more “gotchas” that could trip you up. If you see any more email marketing No-No’s that could kill email marketing campaigns, let me know! I will keep on updating this list so everybody can utilize it as a source of reference.

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