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6 Tactics of a Successful B2B Email Marketing Campaign
May 12, 2017

Email is the go-to type of customer and prospect communication for some organizations today, permitting clear, succinct and detailed conversations. Indeed, 73% of advertisers concur that the email marketing is the main asset of their business and 40x more powerful than online networking for lead generation.

Leveraging Business Revenue with B2B Email Marketing

The more extended life span of emails in contrast with social posts implies there is more opportunity for organizations to leverage on making a sale or finalizing a deal. On the basis of current data that a 100 billion business emails are sent each day, this number of business email accounts is expected to ascend to 4.9 billion in 2017.

Generally speaking, email marketing keeps on being positioned as the best channel as far as rate of return, with 68% of organizations rating the channel as “great” or ‘fantastic’, and with organizations crediting email for getting 23% of aggregate sales.

These statistics are great, yet shouldn’t something be said about your business?

Have you unlocked the true potential of email as a B2B marketing channel?

Our team at LeadSparrow has accumulated a quick introduction to B2B email marketing, and have included 6 B2B email marketing tactics to set you on the road to success.

1. Curated Email Content

Your prospective customers will give their contact details for one reason: they trust you can offer them value. As usual, the client needs to recognize what’s in it for them and it’s dependent upon you to fulfill their desires and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Do this effectively with curated email content in light of their industry or area of interest, extending from ‘Must-Know Trends’ to ‘The Top Most Paid Marketing Channels for the Businesses.’


2- Activation

Over the long haul, you’re probably going to develop a list of active and inactive customer profiles. This makes a phenomenal chance to connect with those clients that might not have signed into your site or software for quite a while. Dropbox keep their initiation activation email simple, concentrating on the advantages of why you ought to install their product.

Utilize an automated email procedure to urge these customers to sign in after times of inactivity and offer them an incentive or a discount coupon for doing as such. Regardless of whether it’s the lure of new features and functionality or latest industry statistics to go down for your product or services, you can without much of a stretch tempt customers to come back to your site.

3. Special Announcements

Email is a practical, non-problematic and cost-effective method for making targeted announcements to your various lists of contacts. Has your business recently won a award? Redesigned your site? Or, on the other hand launched a new product?

All things considered, these are all impeccable chances to connect with your customer base and announce your big news. Special announcement emails function admirably well to take your business back to the consideration of present, old and future customers.

4. White Paper

Your customers need content that is of high value. Regardless of whether it’s researched based industry insights, point by point how-to guides or proven approaches to vanquish particular business challenges – white papers are a fabulous approach to share longer-form content that offer some value.

Obviously, this sort of content takes somewhat longer to deliver and may include a lengthier research process, however, the odds are you will get a considerably more positive reaction from it. In the time of putting the legwork into making your white paper, increase readership by emailing a free download link to your contacts, in the form of a CTA.

5. Creative Campaign

Email is a perfect tool to bolster any of your campaign based marketing activities. You have the chance to deliberately plan and time the delivery of content right into your subscriber’s inbox.

This content can help you to get your audience perform your desired action, drive traffic and whatever other key goals for your campaign set up. Creative campaign emails can help you get new customers on-board by offering something for free, for example, a graphic design toolkit to strengthen the relationship with your gathering of people.


6. Webinar

Which business wouldn’t like to position themselves as an idea pioneer in their industry?

Webinars are an incredible approach to display your thought-leadership and go into the conversation with customers. To increase the number of virtual webinar participants, email a simple and concise enrollment form to your customer base.

You need to simply mention the webinar topic and list down advantages to joining, and in addition a clear call-to-action button.


The role of email for B2Bs as a measurable, practical marketing channel is bright.

Supported by both expert opinion and industry insights, email has an essential incentive for organizations in picking up ROI – improving lead generation, up-selling oportunities and customer retention.

By providing engaging data to a focused contact list, you can build your customer base, build up your business as a pioneer and positively impact your bottom line. Also, all things considered, that is a definitive objective of B2B email marketing

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