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7 Ways Dynamic Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Business
May 31, 2017

Variety is the flavor of life, yet with regards to your email marketing efforts, it’s difficult to find the correct blend of flavor and content to fulfill your subscribers’ desires and needs.

Nowadays, personalization is KING, producing higher conversation rates, open rates, and click-through rates implies that customizing the content for every single subscriber is extremely essential to getting—and keeping—their attention. All things considered, with 215.3 billion messages sent and received in 2017 alone, it’s quite difficult to cut through the clutter and stand out.

That is the place where dynamic email comes in. Dynamic email provides open-time personalization for each subscriber, with components that refresh and revive each time the email is opened. By utilizing an automated marketing platform like LeadSparrow, marketers can send coordinated marketing emails to a huge number of subscribers to drive measurable rate of engagement and ROI.

Here are seven dynamic, personalized components you can fuse into your emails to kick-off your marketing campaigns successfully.

1. Dynamic Surveys

Surveys can assist you to gather fundamental data about your potential and existing clients, for example, their difficulties, needs, and that’s just the beginning. Rather than diverting them to a web link, take a stab at embedding dynamic queries with radio buttons specifically into your email so subscribers can react quickly, as opposed to clicking a link to another page.

For example, if you are a women’s lifestyle magazine, utilizing a dynamic survey to accumulate more information from new and existing subscribers can provide you essential information which you can further utilize to develop your marketing strategy.

With dynamic surveys, you can likewise furnish your subscribers with great satisfaction by empowering them to see the prompt answer or result of their contribution inside the email. This proves to be useful in case you’re surveying your subscribers and need to demonstrate to them how their answers contrast with those from different respondents. It’s quick and simple for both – you as the marketer to set-up and the recipient to click and interact.

2. Due Date Countdown

With regards to advancing limited time offers, registration due dates, or forthcoming occasions, most email marketers depend on a significant subject line to lure their subscribers.

By including a dynamic countdown timer clearly at the top of the email that shows the live time remaining (which changes each time the email is opened), you can tighten up the feeling of urgency. For example; a clothing brand gives a countdown timer in a Black Friday promotional email to remind and help the customers to grab their favourite items before they get sold out.

3. Accommodation Features

Anything you can do to make things advantageous for your subscribers is a  big win for your engagement rates. For instance, you could include dynamic elements that let subscribers click in a split second and add an event to their calendar or send a direct message to customer support (instead of directing them to your “Get in touch with Us” page).

4. Special Design Elements and Effects

Subscribers get a huge number of emails each day, and they’re getting to be overpowered with exhausting email. Spice things up with special components like scrolling, zoom, blur, and image animation to wow them. With a dynamic email tool that coordinates into your marketing automation platform, you can essentially copy and paste a short HTML snippet into your layout and afterward send it out to your subscribers.

It can be done with minimal time and fewer resources so that the recipients can get an enhanced user experience and engage with your content in the best manner.

5. Videos

Another dynamic component you can add to your emails is video content. If you have already invested a great deal of time and resources making videos for your site or online networking channels, why not use them in your emails too?

Inserting (muted) autoplay videos, similar to those on Facebook and Twitter, instantly catch and hold the attention of the audience. Also, a research from Insivia demonstrates that viewers really review a greater amount of what they find in a video than what they read (95% versus 10%). Charming and memorable—what more you can ask for?

6. Geo-Targeting

These days, your customers anticipate that you will know them. Also, with progressively accurate recommendation search engines like Google and Amazon, these desires are just rising. Consider the possibility that you could deliver on this and give your customers what they require, accurately when they need it, because dynamic emails let you do as such.

For instance, suppose your organization just launched another mobile application. You could send an email that automatically identifies every subscriber’s device and utilizes dynamic content to direct them to the suitable app store to download your application. You could likewise utilize geo-tagging to connect them to a nearby sales rep or offer them travel recommendations for a city they simply booked a hotel in.

7. Social News Feed

B2B and B2C marketers alike are seeing the value of social media marketing, with 67.4% of internet users worldwide on social platforms. In case you’re promoting via online social platforms, then it’s conceivable that you’re as of now trying to convey valuable content that attracts and educate your group of audience.

Embedding real-time social media feeds —Twitter, Facebook, or even Pinterest and Instagram—in the center of emails gives you an opportunity to increase engagement. With dynamic social news feeds, subscribers can open and get the email message, see your live feeds, and after that effortlessly navigate to engage with your social content.

With the capacity to embed dynamic elements into each email to personalize content—without reworking the formula unfailingly—marketers now have a ultra-powerful and effective approach to deliver exceptionally relevant, interactive, personalized marketing at virtually any level.

Presently it’s an enticing opportunity. Which of these dynamic elements will you be using for your marketing? I would love to hear your remarks in the comment section below.

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