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Email Marketing To-Do List For 2017
February 27, 2017

In the fast paced digital world, email marketing is continuously evolving. Whether your organization is big or small, email marketing can play a vital role in the success of your business. In order to promote and advertise your business via email, initiating an email marketing campaign can be a tricky thing if not done the right way, yet there are strong chances that it can be the best thing ever happened to your business.

Since marketers first understood the noteworthy role that email marketing plays in attracting and procuring new customers, marketing budget in this category is also increasing. In this case, email marketers need to follow email marketing best practices not only to keep customers stick around with their business, but also to increase ROI.

In 2017, by following golden rules of email marketing, marketers can establish a strong brand image among their target audience and maximize results. A research firm has predicted that 225.3 billion emails will be sent each day this year! – Which is a 5% increase from a couple of last years. Furthermore, there’s a reason behind this increase in sending: We love emails!

In a study, 72% of customers stated that email is their preferred channel in brand communication. What’s more, organizations who utilize email marketing see immense ROI in 2016.

While email marketing could be extraordinary for the development of your business, it could likewise turn into your greatest challenge in 2017. With the increase in emails coming to the inbox, you as a marketer need to utilize email marketing best practices in 2017 that will instantly grab the attention of the recipients.


To guarantee your emails don’t mix in, here are five email marketing best practices to make your emails sparkle in 2017.

1. Design Interactive Emails to Increase Engagement

At the point when a great many people compare the look of a website with an email, they would say the website is all the more visually appealing. No doubt, moving components, user friendly navigation and clickable content makes websites more visually interesting and interactive.

However, this is just starting to change as major ISPs like Gmail and Hotmail have begun supporting interactive emails.

Interactive emails contain features that subscribers can engage and interact with. Commonly, this implies a change in a component when a recipient clicks or type something.

There are two main reasons why interactive emails will play a greater role in 2017:

  • More email companies, for instance; Gmail – are starting to follow the coding guidelines that support interactive elements in email.
  • If done the right way, interactive emails can increase email engagement and click-through rates.

To make your emails interactive, one of the most essential elements is carousel. Carousel allows you to place two or more images in one space, besides stacking them from top to bottom in an email. The carousel encourages subscribers to click and engage while a normal GIF or a huge number of images in an email would not.

Building an interactive element requires some time and coding knowledge, and they are not upheld by all email clients. So in the event that you plan to utilize an interactive element, you ought to be confident that it will positively affect your engagement and click-through rates before you invest time and energy building it.

2. Make Emails Easy to Understand and Read

As businesses send an ever increasing number of emails to subscribers in 2017, they are going to face a tough competition. That simply means it will be considerably hard to get your emails clicked and opened.

To rise out of the clutter and promptly get your reader’s attention, your emails should be easy to understand and read.

An easy to understand and scannable email allows your subscribers of get the essential information much quicker. So in-spite of opening an email, seeing a mind-boggling block of content and sending your email to the junk, they will click and read.


There are a couple of strategies you can use to make your messages more understandable and scannable:

  1. Creating interesting or descriptive subject-line to quickly summarize your point.
  2. Composing short paragraphs and sentences to quickly grab the attention of readers.

To further make your emails more scannable and easy to read, you can use images and whitespace appropriately in your emails.

3. Use the Power of Dynamic Content to Personalize Emails

Personalized emails get 41% higher click-through rate and 29% unique open rate. On the other hand, segmentation is one of the most ideal approaches to personalize your emails for subscribers. While in 2017, there are numerous techniques you can try to increase open and click-through rate.

One powerful technique I would suggest you is dynamic content. Basically in a dynamic email, content is personalized to every subscriber based on the information you have about that subscriber.

For instance, if an email marketing company is sending out the summary of the activities performed by its users in 2017, it would be something like:

[User name] your year with [company name]

You successfully completed [number of email campaigns] this year. Congrats!

Here’s quick summary of your activities

Further you can make the changes in the email like stats and number of activities performed by the users.

The numbers and stats in the email are unique to every subscriber who got it. By utilizing dynamic content like this, the recipient can get a personalized depiction of their account information.

4. Put Call-to-Action at the Top

Earlier I clarified how easy to read emails will increase email engagement in 2017. Yet, the arrangement of your call-to-action button might be similarly as impactful.

Being an email marketer, I conducted a couple of email tests to make sense of what it takes to create an ideal email. First I tested call-to-action button placement. I created two identical emails with one slight distinction: In first email the call-to-action button was situated at the top and in the second one, the button was at the base.

In the first email where I set the button at the top, I got 50% increase in clicks. I kept this top of the email button in different emails, and it continuously got more clicks. Therefore, in your next email campaign try incorporating call-to-action button at the top and receive enhanced results.


5. Automate Welcome Email

Organizations utilizing automation experience 53% more conversions than those who do not. Automated emails are not something new, but a lot of businesses are not utilizing it in-spite of how successful they are. Therefore, if you have not started utilizing email automation, 2017 is an incredible year to start. Furthermore, welcome email is one of the greatest approaches to get started with.

At the point when subscribers opt for your newsletters, they’re amped-up for the content they will receive from you. Your welcome email acts positively by giving them content immediately.

An effective welcome email can encourage subscribers to engage progressively. Also, it might be one of the best performing emails in your automation stockpile. If you have an email list that doesn’t have an automated welcome email, make one today. You might be surprised at the number of open and click-through rates you will receive.

Make the Most of Email Marketing in 2017

2017 will bring incredible opportunities to connect and engage with your subscribers with intriguing, excellent and elegantly composed emails, and the above mentioned email marketing best practices will help you there. Go forward and start utilizing these email marketing techniques, and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section.


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