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How Email Marketers Can Use Mobile Obsession To Their Advantage?
February 13, 2017

In this digital era, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out a wide range of audience throughout the world. Emails are the top activity on the internet – even on the search engines, and also one of the most important activities on the mobile devices.

Inception of iPhone, Android, and tablet devices implies that businesses must develop a “mobile first” mindset – or end up losing the number of clicks, open rates, and conversions on their emails that bring profit back to the business.

According to Pew Research Center, 95% of US citizens own mobile phones of some kind and 77% of them are smartphone users. Moreover, the stats show that 74% of emails are read on mobile devices which give a big reason to email marketers to buckle up their mobile marketing efforts to take advantage of this mobile first trend among users.

In the event that you keep on building your email marketing strategy for the desktop users and ignore mobile first trend, it’s a sure thing that the audience you’re trying to reach will never open or read your emails.

Here in this guide I am going to demonstrate how email marketers can develop an impeccable mobile marketing strategy and how they can build beautiful and proficient emails that look incredible on the devices their target audience is using.

Embrace the Versatility and Win

The advanced world has encountered a mobile transformation in last couple of decades. Since the introduction of email in 1971, desktop PCs were the only way individuals view and interact with electronic mail.


In 2017, individuals are using their cell phones all the more as often as possible, and for longer, than their desktop PCs. According to comScore, in the last four years, alone cell phone utilization has expanded 394%, and tablet use has risen at an astounding number of 1,721%.

As individuals keep on shifting far from desktops and towards portables, the way they get and interact with email marketing campaigns normally changes with them.

Truth be told, email open rate on mobile phones have grown 30% in the course of recent years, to the point where they now rule both desktop and webmail users.

The boom of mobile devices demands that today’s marketers need to reconsider their mobile marketing strategy. Advancing your email marketing campaigns for mobile is no longer a “good-to-have” feature, but it’s fundamental to increase open rate, click through rate, and profit for your business. If you don’t move forward with a “mobile first” email marketing plan, it’s a definite thing that the audience you are trying to reach out will not get your messages.

Here are five key steps for email marketers that will help them to optimize their mobile marketing strategy and take the complete advantage of mobile obsession among target audience to generate revenue for their business.

1. Utilize Mobile Responsive Templates

Keeping in mind the end goal to increase open rate and click through rates, it’s important that your mobile marketing campaigns look awesome across all portable devices, and the most ideal approach to do this is to use responsive email templates that have been built for portable devices.

At LeadSparrow, the initial phase for marketers in building an email marketing campaign is to choose an email template that has been created and intended to look incredible over each inbox and mobile phone.

Have a look at LeadSparrow’s Mobile Email Templates

Since the templates are streamlined for portables, the content tiles containing the different offers stack on top of each other when seen on a small screen. This guarantees that the content and buttons remain a consumable size and make it easy for the recipients to read the content and navigate on the calls to action.


2. Add Catchy Subject Line

With regards to writing an attention grabbing subject line, today you have much smaller space to play with on the mobile device than what you’re most likely acclimated to on a desktop.

While numerous desktop users will show upwards of 80 characters of the subject line, our own testing demonstrates that unless your subject line is under 30 characters it will get cut off when seen on mobile phones.

On most portable devices, the subject line is formatted with bold, darker, and heavier text trying to make it emerge among other elements in the email.

Being an email marketer, the best way to grab the attention of your subscribers is to address their interests and concerns in the subject line. You may include questions that your customers might have in their minds and inform them about the solution you are offering.

Here are a couple of examples on how you can compose a catchy subject line:

a- Question about [goal]

Looking out for latest email templates?

b- [solution/benefit] for [client’s company]

Latest email templates for ABC Agency

3. Adjust Image Resolution and Content

MarketingSherpa (a market research firm) stated that the average time a reader spent on a newsletter is only 15-20 seconds.

Given this limited ability to focus, and the way that the human mind forms visuals 60,000 times quicker than content, utilizing convincing pictures and visuals in your email marketing campaigns can be an effective approach to convey your message.

In any case, when using images in your emails you have to consider how they will look when resized to fit on a little portable screen. While incorporating pictures in your email marketing campaigns can be an extraordinary approach to communicate as the need should arise, you have to consider what they’ll look like on a mobile phone in the event that you need them to have greatest effect.

You need to understand the significance of utilizing text in the email body. Using too much content that it turns out to be about messy on a little screen might turn off the readers and they are likely to delete your emails right away.

A lot of content in your email marketing campaign can make it go on forever, especially when seen on a cell phone, and you’ll likely lose your subscriber’s interest. Expect your reader will scroll once, perhaps twice, before proceeding onward to the next email.

By keeping the measure of content in the email short, marketers can get the key points across rapidly and effortlessly, while making it less demanding for the individuals who need more data to navigate and acquire it.

4. Design Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

Encouraging someone to navigate on your email is just the initial step of the whole email marketing procedure. You normally need that individual to go on and make a purchase, read a blog entry, enter a competition, and so forth.

Keeping in mind the end goal to do that, you have to guarantee the landing page they arrive on when they navigate to your site is likewise optimized for mobile.


An optimized email marketing campaign includes a prominent call to action button that guides readers to a mobile responsive online store or landing page where they can take in more about the item and buy it straight from their device.

The streamlined, mobile responsive landing page gives incredible experience to the users and enhances the whole procedure – from getting the email to purchasing the item – extraordinarily simple and develops the possibility that recipients will make a purchase in future and drive revenue.

5. Track Customer Engagement

Cutting edge email marketing platforms like LeadSparrow offer thorough details and comprehensive reporting on account of your mobile marketing campaigns, including providing you information on what number of individuals have opened and clicked your email campaigns and on what devices.

LeadSparrow provides email marketers an amazing platform where they can get real-time analytics and detailed information on what devices their subscribers are devouring their campaigns on, and allows them to perceive what the most well-known devices are.

With this useful data, you can additionally upgrade your email marketing campaigns to guarantee you are getting the most ideal results from your mobile marketing activities.

In a Nutshell

With increase in the use of portable devices each day, an ever increasing number of individuals are viewing your email marketing campaigns on mobile.

So being a modern day marketer, take the additional time while making your mobile marketing campaigns to ensure they are streamlined for mobile phones, as it could prompt to a huge increase in open rate and click through rates that drive revenue for your business.

Finally, your email get only 15-20 seconds to impress the subscribers and potential customers to take your desired action, how will you make the most of it? Do share your thoughts in the comment section and ask if you have any questions, I would love to answer!


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