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How to Craft a Killing Email Copy?
March 1, 2017

Would you like to compose an email copy that converts?

With regards to email marketing, copy is one of the biggest factors which determines whether your email marketing campaign succeeds or fall flat.

Customers who really read emails from brands spend a normal of 85% progressively while shopping.

Here in this article, I am sharing some valuable tips for composing incredible email marketing copy to guarantee your subscribers open your emails, as well as make a purchase.

1. Compose An Attractive Subject Line

On average, your customers receive 88 emails in their inboxes per day. Which is a huge number! This is the reason why you have to compose a subject-line that grabs their attention as well as welcome them to open your email.

The most ideal way to compose a killer subject line is to make it clear and straightforward while including a creative personal touch, and the other element is utilizing dynamic active verbs to tell the reader what actions they can take. It additionally helps to convert extremely well since it’s basic and to the point.


It would be more than perfect if you could combine the two above mentioned elements with a segmented email list where you know precisely what the customer’s need is, then you can accelerate your open rate by 25-35%.

A couple of examples with structure of a subject line are:

[Action] [Objective]

Get 50% off On Your Favorite Shirts

Happy Birthday Victoria – Surprise Inside!

2. Ensure Your Subject Line and Copy Correlate

Spam messages (newsletters, marketing and promotions) makes 49.7% of the emails which are sent to the individuals worldwide. By creating an attractive but irrelevant subject line that doesn’t coordinate the the email content can damage your reputation. You also risk that the recipient of your email will also mark it as spam.

Keep in mind: while your well crafted subject line may get you a higher open rate, if it doesn’t match or correlate with your email content, then it won’t get you any sales. Make sure your subject line proceed the talk of the offerings in your email copy and provide exactly what it says in the subject line.

3. Set One Objective for every Email

The whole block of text – whether it is big or small – appears to be harder to read than a simple and concise sentence. Sometimes businesses are anxious to tell the entire story in a single email, yet few individuals read each word.

The most ideal approach to avoid from composing a running email is to have one objective for every email. Select one point and stick to it. A good practice is to proofread your email after you’re done editing to check whether you can remove another 25% of the text. Practically, you can expel additional fluff, empowering you to keep the reader’s interest sufficiently long to get to the call-to-action.


4. Add Simple and Uncomplicated Call-to-Actions

When you’re composing call-to-actions for your email marketing campaign, you should utilize action words to encourage the inclination to click. A few examples of successful action words are:

Shop Now, Get, Join, Order, Start, Sign-up

You additionally need to ensure that your call-to-action is placed on the top of your email or in the center of the email body to grab the attention of your readers. Another important aspect to guarantee that your call-to-action is going to deliver you the desired results is to use words that highlight the importance of your product or brand. Some of the examples are:

Free, Customized, Complimentary and so forth to further increase the conversion rate.

5. Craft Your Email for Skimmers

We should confront the reality. The vast majority of people don’t generally read the emails, they basically skim it.

You need to ensure that your emails are not lengthy and can be scanned or read within 5 seconds, but the question here is: how would you do that? Indeed, you can start by making your major points in highlighted bullet points and keep your sentences short and straightforward.

Last but not the least, add two or more call-to-actions in a creative way so regardless of the possibility that they skim past the first one, they will click on the following one.


6. Be Creative to Describe Benefits and Features

Many times marketers fail to highlight and list down the important features that would attract customers to take action. While that may appear like a smart thought, it isn’t. You have to compose your email in simple English and elaborate to the customers what’s in it for them. Highlighting the benefits your customers will get from your business will give you a higher conversion rate besides just listing down the features.

You can grab the attention of your customers by simply highlighting the benefits in bullet points and placing it in the prime location of your email that is the first fold which can turn out as the most beneficial part of your email if utilized well.

7. Personalization is a Must

Generally no one loves being addressed in masses. If your email list is huge, it doesn’t imply that you can’t add a personal touch to it. Try to compose your emails in second person by utilizing words like “you”, “me”, and even “us”. By doing so, you instantly include a friendly tone to your email.

Another important thing you can do is use simple language that others can understand and relate to. In order to create an email copy that drives you desirable results, you need to avoid all corporate jargoning.


8. Edit, and Proofread Twice

The last but most important thing you need to do is to go through your email before you send it. Editing and proofreading is frequently ignored, yet grammatical mistakes and errors can fundamentally hurt your credibility and conversion.

Make a point to check your spelling, punctuation, and the links you have embedded to ensure that everything is working absolutely fine.

9. Track and Analyze Results for Improvement

In the world of digital marketing, no single email list is the same. Hence, the strategy that is made and the results acquired are likewise different. To measure the success of your email marketing efforts, you have to define some email key-performance-indicators (KPIs) and break down your results to assist you better to improve your click-through and conversion rates.

A few key-performance-indicators for email marketing are:

Delivery Rate, Conversion Rate, Open Rate and Click-through Rate. Measuring these factors help you improve and create excellent email marketing copy.

To conclude it: to be successful in your email marketing campaign you should be clear, be purposeful, and be genuine with regards to the objective of your email campaign. You can encourage readers to engage and interact by using the tips provided above.

If you have found any other useful email marketing tips, do share them with me in the comment section below.

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