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Top 8 Predictions for Email Marketing in 2017
March 20, 2017

With regards to statistics, conversions, and ROI acquired through any marketing channel, email marketing beats all, including social media. This puts to rest the argument about whether email marketing is alive or not. In fact, email is that lucky charm which will never let you down be it in 2017 or beyond.

Last year, we encountered a surge in the utilization of interactive emails, rise in portable devices, automated emails, and a great deal of emojis in subject lines. So what is ahead of 2017 that email marketers should anticipate? With my years of experience, here are my top eight predictions for email marketing in 2017.

1. Predominant Segmentation

2017 does not demand a normal profile-based segmentation. To make your email marketing campaigns successful, you need to gather some data, such as at what time do your subscribers usually open your emails and what kind of emails do they open and interact with. These couple of things are a portion of the elements to consider. Incorporating this information with other customer data will help you remain ahead of latest email marketing strategies.

Some subscribers like it when you send emails all the more frequently while some like only a couple of emails in a week or month. Developing an understanding of your recipient’s interest will help you craft concise and effective emails while you can send them out to the group of people who are really interested in it.

2. Taking Personalization to another Level

Personalizing emails by just incorporating customer’s first name is not a secret anymore. Initially, personalization showed high hopes to email marketers, however, now that everybody knows about it, it performs sufficiently well to improve your brand image; but, it is just a basic email marketing tactic.

In 2017, personalization is going to outperform this basic stage. Algorithms utilized to understand the behavior of subscribers on your website will provide you useful information about what your subscribers are going to do next.


Geo-targeting can be helpful in delivering customized branding offers to subscribers. You can target a specific group of people having similar interest, located in the same area or region.

Demographical and behavioral information altogether can help in building a buyer persona, a pattern that is probably going to pick-up the pace in 2017. A buyer persona makes it possible to deliver automated personalized emails to subscribers. This level of personalization will take you a long way in 2017 and beyond.

3. Mobile Optimization Will Accelerate

According to a study, 56% of email subscribers prefer opening their emails on mobile phones. Also, 42% of them erase an email if it doesn’t show up on the small screen accurately.

Hence, in this manner, it becomes essential for email marketers to follow the mobile first trend. Since Gmail supports media queries, a huge number of email clients enable responsive email design. However, a simple technique to create mobile responsive emails is; using single column template which sufficiently fits all screen sizes and looks interactive across different devices.

Along with that, the content of the email should be composed keeping in mind the interests and attention span of mobile users. The subject line, main content body, and call-to-action all should be short, fresh and to the point. Call-to-actions must be prominently placed at the top of the email so it will be easy for mobile users to click and engage.

4. Omnichannel Approach to Take Email Marketing to the Next Level

When interacting with a brand, buyers don’t differentiate between channels. Brands are attempting to rapidly understand the consumers’ attitude and to enable reliable communications with shoppers crosswise over channels.

To make this omnichannel approach a reality, email marketers need to work with their associates in different marketing and sales divisions. Before the year is over, we anticipate that the dominant part of marketers will state that this approach helped them to increase not only customers’ engagement but also, business revenue.


5. Incorporate Social Media Buttons in Emails

Our team of marketers at LeadSparrow has tested incorporating social sharing buttons in emails, and received 150% higher click-through rate! Isn’t it amazing? At this point, you should be convinced that social sharing buttons in emails make a difference. Sending emails about the marketing campaigns you keep running on your social channels like Facebook can support your marketing endeavors in 2017.

Another latest trend ahead is integrating the two mediums by using live social media feeds in your emails. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can add a spark in your emails by showing highlights of the latest happenings and beautiful pictures. Along these lines, you can reach out a more extensive number of audiences, ensuring nobody passes up a major opportunity for any of the good times.

6. Visually Appealing Imagery

Pictures and emojis both help to get customers attention, and they will keep on doing so in 2017. Ensure you utilize them deliberately in 2017. To acquire more subscribers and to be the center of attention of your current customers, a large portion of your work should be done particularly considering the millennials.

What’s more, to find out what precisely the millennials need and what kind of imagery appeals them the most, scan the most recent trends on social channels; it will absolutely help you make emails that will get opened and clicked.

7. Include Interactive Elements to Make Emails Alive

Interactive elements in emails have effectively made a great impact and without a doubt, it is the fate of email marketing. The interactive elements make today’s emails really engaging. But, aside from including a punch of life, interactivity likewise offers more content compacted in a short and easy to understand format, which thus enhances user experience and click-through-rate.


Some of the interactive elements are carousel, GIFs, videos, live shopping cart and a countdown timer which you can tweak and customize according to the needs and interests of the subscribers and acquire the desired results from your email marketing campaign.

8. Video Content Will Increase Click-Through Rate

One of the greatest changes in iOS 10 Mail is the restoration of support for HTML5 video, which allows video to play inside an email. Due to the past technical obstacles, fewer than 15% of marketers had attempted incorporating video in email and over 40% of marketers hadn’t attempted it and weren’t interested in attempting it, as indicated by the survey cited above.

With more than half of emails being opened in the systems such as iOS and Gmail that supports videos in email, we can anticipate that the number of marketers who will have tried video in email will increase rapidly in 2017.

Key Takeaways

The email marketing industry is innovative, diverse, and growing. That volatile blend makes an environment that is unpredictable and also offers unlimited opportunities. However, by utilizing segmentation, great personalization, optimized design, content, and rest of the above-mentioned elements, you can create amazing email marketing campaigns in 2017 to experience enhanced results and ROI.

Now start using the above mentioned useful information to build and execute successful email marketing campaigns and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section. I’d love to hear your feedback!

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