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Email Marketing

Design Beautiful Emails

  • Build emails in seconds with drag & drop Email Designer
  • Highly convertible and mobile-friendly email templates
  • Flexible designs for any size, niche, type of business
  • Conduct A/B Testing (for everything)
  • Ensure Inbox delivery with Smart Spam Checker
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Mobile-Friendly Email Templates and Automated Customer Journeys

Convert prospects into customers and customers into loyal fans by using personalized campaigns. We’ve tons of pre-built and customizable email templates to save your time.


Track and Optimize Campaigns

  • Track your email performance in real-time
  • Measure email engagements made in first 24 hours
  • Detailed breakdown of statistics (opens, clicks, bounce rate etc.)
  • See exact reason for bounced emails
  • Mobile vs desktop email open reporting
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Contact Management

Manage Contacts in One Place

  • 360 degree view of contact's lifecycle journey
  • Drill down into your contacts with advanced filters
  • Build your email list and reach bigger audience
  • Crisp view of sales funnel status
  • Tight integration with CRM & Sales tools
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Import and Export Contacts

Simple, easy process to import and export contacts with intelligent fields mapping.

Import and Export Contacts


Dynamic Form Builder

Simple, Beautiful, Personalized Forms

  • Build highly customizable signup forms
  • Add security layer via Captcha and prevent suspicious submissions
  • Block Gmail/Yahoo email addresses effortlessly
  • Embed in your website using snippet code
  • Send alerts or redirect to the desired page on form submission

Control Your Email Deliverability

  • Guard your reputation via Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Manage delivery via IP warming and email throttling
  • Email security protocols for an ideal email deliverability
  • Comprehensive email and data security program
  • Check and balance on email habits to curb SPAM
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