Import and Export Contacts

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Import CSVs

If you’ve contacts scattered, or you use a range of email clients with different contact databases, don’t worry. Just export them into CSVs and then import that into LeadSparrow’s dashboard. Here, you can add all of those contacts to the lists as per their demographics or other tags that you apply.

A/B Test Email Results

Import Contacts in 4 Easy Steps

1 A/B Test Email Results

Select the CSV

Click on the import CSV button and select the file to import.

2 A/B Test Email Results

Fields Mapping

Map out your contact fields to apply to data, and organize accordingly.

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Import Settings

Select the most suitable options from import settings, for the imported contacts.

4 A/B Test Email Results

Set Target List

Set your target list and the contacts will be added to the very list.

A/B Test Email Results

Import Summary

LeadSparrow's contact management system provides you a summary of emails and data to you. For example, how many contain work emails and how many free ones. How many were duplicate and how many with invalid addresses etc.

Export Contacts

Its very easy to export contacts from LeadSparrow, into a CSV file. With few clicks you will be to export the entire list with customizable options like;

  • Choose the contact fields (i.e; Email Address, First Name, Company)
  • Easily adjust the field order
  • Send exported file to your email address

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