LeadSparrow vs MailChimp

LeadSparrow is a 5-star, intuitive & powerful, email marketing platform and can make a difference in your email marketing efforts. We brings to the table following items that MailChimp struggles to do so.

  • Centeralized view of all contacts.
  • Company wide unique contacts
  • Single page email summary view
  • Easy lifecycle & sales funnel management
  • Powerful custom fields handling
  • Great reporting on contact imports
  • Highly intuitive website experience
  • Highly responsive support team available 24×7
  • Custom on-boarding
  • On-demand custom templates & managed marketing

Our customer serivce has been rated five star

360 Degree View of Contacts

A/B Test Every Email

Crisp & Clean Email Reporting

Dyanmic Form Builder

Behavioral Segmentation Using Smart Lists

Mobile-Ready Email Templates